Premium Quality Line

Born in 2008, Gelato modo is an olimpia gelati brand.
The customers instructions, the market changing... the goal was to create a super high quality artisanal ice cream following the needs of today’s customers: because the tastes change ,they evolve every time and so we have to change as well , but without giving up with the craftsmanship and authenticity of the products. It’s from this believing that we created gelato modo.

Behind it there is a strong philosophy, a serious work and a concrete project. That’s how born an ice cream for who wants a simple product just like it used to be.

This was our target and this is our philosophy, nature and ease , quality and value.

In fact this range is realised using the best raw materials that the local market (Italy and Tuscany) offers. From Langhe’s IGP round Gentile hazelnut to pure Bronte’s pistachio. We don’t use vegetable fat, flavours and artificial colouring. We work only with fresh and seasonal fruit.

We utilise only high quality fresh whole milk and sour cream.

Is the right ice cream for the ones that are sensible for a healthy and balanced alimentation.

Simple and creative, gelato modo’s ice creams and yoghurts are the product of our territory’s traditions and are made with the best Italian products, choose with care to have the best quality possible. The search of the raw material, its processing and presentation are the centre of our job. The flavours are chosen depending with the season, researching originality, goodness and quality at the same time and constantly trying to follow the change of the customer’s needs.

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