Some people dream important things .... others stay awake and do it!!

What are you waiting for?

OlimpiaGelati has always developed ice cream ideas and products for high level restaurants and artisan ice cream shops; From over 35 years , in the beginning for the difficult local market of Versilia and Tuscany restaurants and after beyond the district, now strongly orientated to exports ,is able thanks to the “Know how”, to offer products that will be surely successful and interest to the channel HO.RE.CA.

Who do we aim to serve?

  • Restaurants that want to have in their menu a rich selection of ice creams and sorbets as well as handmade high quality mono portions.
  • Businessmen that want to open an ice cream shop and make their dreams come true, helped and supported from a brand and a successful product and also by expert people in the industry.
  • Suppliers, wholesalers of HO.RE.CA channel in Italy and Europe.

Why choose GelatiOlimpia?

Because we love our work, we have always produced ice creams and been operative since 1978.

Because we have a big range of products and lines with an interesting quality-price relation.

Because we are used to work on daily basis with the self-employed (cafes, hotels or restaurants) and at the same time with the final customer.

Because we have new generation productive installations, guarantee of quality in the organoleptic andmicrobiological field which can produce small and big amounts depending on the requests.

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