Our Production Lines

Premium Quality

Realized with the best materials , from round IGP Gentile Hazelnut from Langhe to pure Bronte’s pistachio . No vegetables fat, flavouring and colouring.

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Tre Stelle

A range of loose ice creams offered in 8 soft and creamy flavours and mono-portions available in classic and original matches.

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Gelato più

Take away ice cream,produced with genuine ingredients, creamy and with an intense taste, feature of the “good artisanal ice cream”.

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What we do

OlimpiaGelati was created in 1978 by Panseri’s family , still the only owner that carry on with the management and the leadership of this modern company with passion and competence.

OlimpiaGelati produces for others and for their own brand artisanal whipped ice cream, sorbets and mono- Portions wrapped in different sizes from 50 to 3000 grams.

We create 3 different whipped ice cream lines: GELATO MODO-OLIMPIA-GELATO 3 STELLE that are different by offer , volumes and ingredients, but they all have high quality levels.

Our production lines, plant design and gears are new generations ones, technically advanced in both the systems and procedures without quitting the manual part of the work that is strongly wanted by us to customise and have an even more handmade artisanal product.

We can produce small and big amounts , depending on the requests of the customer and the flexibility of the production is still our biggest flagship.

Why choose GelatiOlimpia?

Raw Materials Selected raw materials of the best quality
Quality and Safety Safety of the finished product (CEE) and consistent quality.
High Yield High yield in number of servings per container.
Resistance Excellent resistance to temperature changes.
Serving Temperature Ideal serving temperature between -13 ° and 14 ° (So we will have an ice cream warmer and therefore more tasty).
Service Delivery Punctual in a widespread manner by means appropriate to the legal provisions for the transport of ice cream.

How we work

For the supply we have self - refrigerated vehicles, delivering directly in the districts of Lucca, Pisa, Massa, Livorno and Pistoia, while for the others areas and abroad transports we have signed a commercial agreement with the most important national carriers.

We use an external laboratory for microbiological and chemical examination of the products.

We choose HACCPsystem,the traceability of the production chain and we are a CEE certified factory.

The high quality production of OlimpiaGelati and the big attention to hygiene is proved and guaranteed by CEE certification,the European standard that dictate to the producers monthly tests on products , tools ,Locations and way of manufacturing (HACCP applied ) .

Passion for our work, desire to create and grow, always looking to the customer. Yes the customer because the tastes changes ,evolves with times so of course the products has to change , but not giving up to the artisanal and authenticity part of the work that are the foundation of our company.